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At the Reitz, we believe in dedication to and the learning of the craft of live entertainment. To achieve this, we strive to bring together actors, crew, designers, creators, and directors that seek the common goal of final product excellence. We are always looking for fresh faces as well as welcoming back experienced veterans that uphold the values of teamwork, responsibility, dedication, pride in work, and giving our patrons the best shows possible. If this interests you, come audition or speak with the director about getting involved behind the scenes. It can be a rewarding and exciting experience while making new friends and collaborating with others that love the arts.

You never know what you are capable of until you try!


Recent 2017 Cast:

The Odd Couple

Brian Fomar as Oscar Madison
Josh Alderton as Felix Ungar
Todd Shindledecker as Murray
Dave Glass as Roy
Travis Larrabee as Speed
Darius Clement as Vinnie
Valerie Kucenski as Gwendolyn
Alyssa Wood as Cecily


Reitz Theater Rising Star

Auditions and Casting Updates

All auditions take place at the Paul G. Theater unless noted otherwise.
Location and Directions

Upcoming Auditions:

Godspell '17 Cast List
(names in parenthesis = original cast name)
Jesus: Nate Horner
John the Baptist: Tom Hibbert
Jonathon Edwards, Judas: Max Sensor
L. Ron Hubbard, Keith (Lamar): Keith Zeliger
Galileo, Patrick (Herb): Patrick Rutledge
Dom (Jeffery): Dominic Umbaugh
Isaac: Isaac Rupert
Ian: Ian Walker
Reanne (Robin): Reanne Reynolds
Thomas Aquinas, Caitlin (Gilmer): Caitlin Kalgren
Ang (Joanne): Ang Casile
Da Vinci, Emma (Sonia): Emma Reed
Sam (Peggy): Sam Vida
Socrates, Alexa: Alexa Alker
Sartre, Carrie: Carrie Fetzer
Marianne Williamson #1, Shannon: Shannon Gibson
Marianne Williamson #2, Jackie: Jackie Spicher

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