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Reitz steeple
Look for our steeple in the DuBois skyline


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Reitz entranceway

Typically, the doors open an hour before "curtain", or when the show begins. There are often refreshments in the annex (the entrance shown above) as well as cast photographs and an interesting arrangement in the display case. Upon entering the annex, tickets can be purchased at the box office (below).
Annex Box Office



Reitz Theater Rising Star

Location, directions & parking

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Reitz neighborhood

The Paul G. Reitz Theater, formerly the St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, is located in downtown DuBois. It is behind the post office and next to the Masons' Lodge. It is a short walk from Sheetz, Amserv Ltd., the 2nd Ward firehouse, Gateway Towers, and just about every downtown DuBois business.

DuBois is located in western/central Pennsylvania. It is approximately 11 miles from Brockway; 20 miles from Brookville, Punxsutawney, and Clearfield; 30 miles from St. Marys and Ridgway; 40 miles from Clarion; 50 miles from Emporium and Indiana; 60 miles from St. College; 75 miles from Altoona and Johnstown; 85 miles from Delmont and New Kensington; 100 miles from Ohio and Pittsburgh; and 150 miles from Buffalo, NY and Morgantown, WV.

The Reitz Theater is located on a "one-way" street, with traffic flowing toward Route 219.  If you are coming in on Route 219, you will have to exit on an adjacent street and circle back around to the Theater on Scribner Avenue. It is on the left hand side of Scribner Avenue, heading toward Route 219 (Brady Street).

The Reitz patrons benefit from the generousity of some wonderful local businesses. Aside from the spaces available on Scribner Ave. for those in physical need of curbside parking, there is parking available on showdates by Hallstrom's, Luigi's Ristorante, Flowers by Stephanie, PNC Bank on Park Ave., and the municiple building near the police station.
Don't park at Sheetz! They may tow!
Please keep in mind that the limited spaces available in front of the Paul G. Reitz Theater are for our patrons with physical limitations that require curbside parking.

Reitz Theater parking

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